such a solace is loVe, such deep contentment love brings, so peaceful love is. what a great depth love brings within that even the tears poured out is the heart poured out. the tears which roll out in love and longing give so much of bliss and joy. only rare of of the rare cry in love because love is found in rare. people of this world, every relationship of this world, every person in your life can continue to pretend, shed tears or do anything to attract your attention but I tell you firmly that is not love and that will never turn into love…

have ever any flower grown on a rock, no, never. an arid land can still be converted into a beautiful greenfield but a solid rock, do whatever, it will never give you any flower. so are the worldly people and worldly relationships. they can never have love. neither inside them nor for you. their so called love is just based on you living according to them, fulfilling their expectations and just doing as they like. neither such love is based on bringing freedom to each other nor it is based bringing completion in each other’s life. but, just and just exploitation of body, mind and birth time.

ask yourself!!

have you ever felt loveful towards any of your worldly people or relationships around you? have you even tried bringing the freedom or completeness to anyone present in your life? selfish are you and selfish are your relationships. All exploiting each other in someway or the other.

i’m not teaching this nor i’m interested to keep any such bond with anyone, which just seeks only when it needs something. love exists when the wish is fulfilled else the same love does every now and then. only a hellish mind can love such way.

love is grace, it’s graceful. it only occurs to rare those who have the grace of the lord. only those who offer their completeness to lord. lord is a perfect complete being (existence), only completeness it understands and responds to.

giving half hearted offering of service & practice and expecting lord to take you out of hell, is never going to work and it never works. path of the lord requires courage, extreme passion and madness. because, it’s the path of truth and truth is never shy, it’s full of courage. walking the path leads one to completion and that completion is love. An incomplete being can not love because they seek something always. but, love offers everything and so the one in love. one who loves he offers his completion. he is not asking for anything other than your freedom and completion. that’s why only lord is the ultimate lover. millions can pretend to love but that’s mere temporary satisfaction to the allured mind, who is interested in momentary happiness which fades away. but, love of the lord is a forever blossomed flower which never dies. however, it spreads more and more fragrance.

but, ask yourself, are you interested in such state of mad, passionate love? because, living among masses, you too have mastered to fool yourself, to be with someone or the other temporarily and then, call it love. saying this and listening such love, satisfies your little stupid ego and so of the other people. but, it leads no one anywhere. because, inside you know what you are interested in the other person, just an exploitation, psychological torture of following your way and just to keep you happy. such devil this world makes you and you continue to fool yourself even after wearing so many good, beautiful and peaceful masks.

look around, observe yourself, look at the world; where is such deep, passionate love? this world lacks such divine love and so does you. ask yourself, when did you do something courageous for the one you love? or anyone, who all say they love you, did any courageous thing for you? the worldly love is mere play of honey- coated words to keep you as a good slave on the name of it. loVe makes you lose yourself completely in the beloVed and that can only happen with lord. lord is the only beloVed and only he makes one complete rest every one and everything keeps you incomplete. because, loVe opens your eyes to the fakery of the world. It brings courage to do anything. loVe makes you so mad & passionate that you cross your own limitations and there remains no iota of doubt.
before seeking love, question yourself- “am i worthy of loVe or beloVed?”