There are certain eligibilities for a teacher to teach and for a seeker to learn a specific form of vidya. So is this applicable for the teachers and students of astrology too. Teachers and students both cry fowl in astrology because of the non- serious attitude of practitioners of astrology. It’s because the fundamentals are defied and compromised, thence the challenges.

When the basic qualifications of a student/learner are neither learnt nor taught then there shall only quarrels, fights and criticism among the practitioners. When a in depth subject like Jyotisham will be taught in a 2 days workshop just with an intention to generate huge money covering a handful of topics, then, how would the fundamentals be followed and why would anyone like to follow, because both the teacher & the taught are interested in making money. Ultimately, what suffers is “vidya” and people’s faith on that!!

Let’s go back and take a look at the beginning, when Maitreya Muni humbly enquired Rishi Parashar about the Hora Shastra which is one skanda out of the three skandas (ganit, hora & samhita) of Vedanga Jyotisham. Then, there comes the verse which mention about the eligibility of a taught of this vidya.

shantanu gurubhaktay sarvda satyavadine, astikaay pradaatvyam tatah shreyo hyvaapsyti।।
This verse states about whom to teach this vidya- to the one which peaceful mind, filled with devotion towards guru, speaker of the truth, firmly established in the god faith, teach it to such student. This leads to the welfare.

Now, how many practitioners follow this themselves and teach it to the students? How can such practioners teach the vidyas of the absolute, who speak lies everyday, who have quarrelsome attire, who are filled with ego, who feel insecure and lie for the sake of money or false praise or glory?? Can such mind remain peaceful, which is the first eligibility?

Then, in another verse Rishi conveys whom not to teach this shastra.

na deyam parshishyaay nastikaay shathay va, datte pratidinam dukham jayate naatr samshyah।।
Don’t teach this to the taught of another teacher, atheist and one with devious thoughts. It always leads to sorrow.

Nowadays, it has become a reverse practice. The practitioners are merely interested to orchestrate their gathered information to others and then involved in fights, argumentation and promotions but this will never lead to the peace of mind and harmony among all. When the practitioners have a mindset of lowering down other people by mere showcase of their knowledge, how would they there self succeed reaching the ultimate state of wisdom through the vidya.

My dear beloveds, any vidya can be a divine instrument to reach the absolute, it can be your doorway to Brahman and it can bring immense freedom to you & to the ones associated with you. But, the path begins with your sincere practice.