This is the time which is usually considered inauspicious and people avoid beginning anything new or to start a new initiative. This goes to the extent that they do not even wish to do any celebration as it is considered to be the most fearful time. But, we must wake up to the reality and shun all the fears away.

Have we ever thought, that why Pitru Paksha comes before the onset of the festival season? What significance does it hold for the people on this earthly plane?

The very existence of human life, which is your life- it begins from this very earth life and your existence on this plane is because of your pitru (Father & the legacy attached in terms of genetics). You are born from your father and your father is born from your grand-father and so on. So, you are carrying the legacy of your father & fore-fathers and so will your children will carry. With every generation upcoming, you are becoming better & better evolution of your fathers. And, it’s because of your genetics of your family, you carry along the whole of the memory impression inside you, of the same family tree too. This is how the continuity of the life is maintained.

On the earthly plane, the house you live, the material assets, the upbringing and all values are imbibed in you by the fathers which in terms are in impression of your fore-fathers and the grands-parents who have lived before you and your father. Since, your human life begins from the earthly plane, so firstly you must be free from the debts & liabilities of your grand-parents which you owe them. That’s the reason before the beginning of the festivals & celebrations, these days are celebrated during the krushna paksha to be grateful to your fore-fathers and grand-parents.

Let me share with you that the word “Shraadh” comes from the word “shradhaa”; which means to be one-pointed towards your pitru and remembering them for their teachings, wisdom and for all the sacrifices they did for you as well as to cherish the memories that you have shared with them. During this period, you must sit with your family and contemplate about your family tree and about how your family has evolved than just not even remembering the pitru for whole year and this paksha is not only meant for a mere ritual or serving food to the pandit.

You must think, why should you be fearful for the legacy that you are carrying inside you? Is it not auspicious that you got an opportunity to be grateful to the beings who have lived before you and have given you a chance to be born as human & experience this plane of existence!!

So, what you should do during these days:-
1. You must meditate upon them and seek blessings from your pitru for guiding you on your life path in order to carry the legacy in its best form.
2. Be grateful for the lineage you are born in and pray for the well being of your fore-fathers and grandparents. Remember them with love and seek guidance too, if you so require.
3. Feed someone who is actually hungry than serving food to the pandit who visit with appointment nowadays. Sun is the pitrukaraka, significators of father. Sun is also the significator of fire and sun governs the fire in your gaster. So, serve food to someone who has the fire of the appetite inside them and pray that this you are serving in love to your grand-parents.
4. Need not be fearful from the Pitru, just because the priest call them “pret”; they are not ghosts but the beings residing in the pitrulok and looking after you. They are your invisible helpers, if you connect with them with love & devotion.
5. You can also visit your Guru during these days, if you are initiated, because that is too a lineage that you are in & carrying forward.

Sure, this will help you to have a celebratory view of the Pitru-Paksha and you will celebrate the existence of your lineage with faith, devotion & love.