When you stereotype anything that simply means you have lost all your natural ability to look at things in their natural state, through an unconditioned mind. The response to the stimulus is conditioned & corrupted with the applied knowledge gathered from all the outside agencies. And, that is what all the enlightened beings and avatars have tried to break; to break the stereotypical mechanism of the world which is created by mere talking & accepting. Even a lie spoken many a times seems to be a truth and when the same is spoken by many it becomes a universal truth in its relative form. Thence, it’s stereotyped. The stereotypical mechanism leads one to find quick fixe solutions to the problems and that is when you are trapped in the cycle of desire, greed, hope and fulfillments. Whatever you hear to; be it material or mystical (as you understand it to be), you must apply your intellect before just accepting it and making it a stereotype for yourself. Anything which is stereotyped signifies that the truth is hidden in the shell of lies.- “V”