#Serious are the people who are totally disconnected from their own reality, else sincerity is enough to live a healthy & peaceful life. Being serious towards any aspect of life means you have missed the whole essence of life. Look at plants, trees, the whole vegetation, birds,the butterflies; all are living totally and dancing to the tunes of their very own nature but you have chosen to be serious on smallest of smallest things in life whether it is your food, dress or any other utility. This seriousness is a disease which you have brought to yourself and this jas turned you into a dead piece of skin & flesh. The enlightened beings; the ones being one with nature are the most playful and childlike. For them life is just a play which has to be played with love and enthusiasm than a burden, which you have made of your life today. Living a serious life means living in a live hell which you yourself has created for yourself and you have to live in it.