V speaks on sacrifice during Himalayan Retreat:
what do you call sacrifice?
– living on an impermanent plane, gathering all impermanent objects, attaching oneself to impermanent beings; leaving anything temporary for the permanent self and calling it sacrifice. people call that as sacrifice or renounced which shall otherwise too be snatched at end of ones birth time. think what is there to sacrifice or renounce in this temporary reality?
think, as you live your life on this planet, gathering all temporary objects and relationships, remaining busy all your life; there is something which is already sacrificed. amidst all artificial living, carrying with the attachment to temporary things & beings, your very own truth, divinity, sacredness, freedom is all getting sacrificed moment by moment. the moment you are born, your very existence is sacrificed by the pre-oragnized system. do you ever look at it? just by virtue of your birth, your own identity, your own fragrance is sacrificed by all authorities around you to keep you in the organized trap. that’s all what is getting sacrificed everyday, moment by moment. and, comes all those moments when you yourself sacrifice lord, love, truth and your own essence while collecting and gathering everything and everyone, which will be snatched out of your hands in a glimpse.