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Tag: Truth

psyche- psycho confusion
February 23, 2023

the word "psyche" means "the spirit", thence, the word "psychology" means "to study the logic of the spirit" however, in today's world, just like the other sciences related to spirit...

cool or un-cool
February 22, 2023

in today's time, beings are taught to behave either in offensive mode or in the victim mode wherein they take the liberty to behave aggressively, use foul language, speak whatever language and...

You are in a Simulation- 1
September 16, 2021

not a watcher of series but, this one episode has mentioned much of stuff about this matrix and as it's name is, it's adbhut..... had been speaking about matrix and this reality is a...

Bhavishya Darshan- 2
July 30, 2021

I offer my salutations at the lotus feet of my master SriGuru Mahavatar Babaji..... beings in the past few years had been really talking about the new age, the Aquarian age which is on the...

Bhavishya Darshan- 1
July 26, 2021

This is one write-up from the series of write-ups which are upcoming to un-veil the future celestial play on this land, which beings call their home...

time to open eyes and real-eyes
November 28, 2020

today, earth is facing such times when beings have to open eyes to see what all is going in their favor and bringing them free-dome, rather than pushing them into more traps... "when the fo...

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