I offer my salutations at the lotus feet of my master SriGuru Mahavatar Babaji…..

beings in the past few years had been really talking about the new age, the Aquarian age which is on the rising and all had been trying to figure out what is coming up, specially when the world is put into a situation of plandemic (planned endemic)…..a devil force’s agenda to control the spirits on this land….. but, what’s coming ahead?

are the spirits going to safeguard their selves?
are they all going to survive through this complete trial of worldly reset?
will devil forces be able to take over during this time?
what is going to be structure of the world in the upcoming years?

let’s look at the celestial play….. beings in this reality had been thinking that it’s them who are doing something or it’s in their control fully to think, act and bring result but, the fact is there are celestial forces, the stars, the devil forces which are in super play here, transmitting the waves, sensation and the vibration which is so powerfull at this time that beings are/will continue to sway away in the flow….. the flow of the consciousness as per the mass system…..the only thing which was in the hands of the people was “choice” which too is open in case of the beings who are sub-conscious (half-conscious), but the transmission spectrum of the devil transmission is so high & forcefull the the conscious, the intelligence, the thinking will not be able to take the right action…..

2021, the year of mercury, number 5, beings will witness a great fall in the conscious and only talking shall be considered as an intelligent act…..talking about plandemic, other people, new ageing modalities, emotions and then, finally swayed away in ones own mind, thinking it’s the being who is thinking whereas the transmission from the dark forces (kal-yug) shall create so much distortion that the beings will be forced to leave the path of divinity and working upon their own selves…..which is just a way of rumoring the beings to the extent that they waste on their earth time and become a part of the devil’s grand plan…..

during this year when, jupiter (guru gruh) is going through the debilitation cancellation in the regressive motion, from mid of august to all through the september, which is a period of guru-dosham for the world and that’s when the devil forces shall attack the spirits more and beings will witness the making of the new corporate systems and new reforms in the financial market which shall hamper the work environment…..

although talks which had been in the air shall around the plandemic, like another wave, it shall take a concrete shape and more people shall be washed out of the matrix, education system shall also playing its role to bring greater harm to the children, and, plane crash in the countries falling under capricorn sign will be a sign of divine’s fury, world shall witness more thunderstorms and the protests related to the food reforms shall see a new political angle which will not be in the favor of the people, people shall suffer from bodily disease as the all round auspiciousness giver jupiter undergoes the last phase, the purification phase of debilitation…..

a world where ignorance is a choice and such choice becomes a bliss for the world, post september, beings who chose the luciferean agenda, to go against the divine forces in their ignorance, as it is a battle of ones choice, they shall witness a greater fall…..as famine, natural calamities, poverty, tougher government reforms, poor health, are all coming up, beings shall undergo greater fear factor as saturn is in-charge, and, this is going to life threatening for the beings…..

the organized spiritual systems who has supported the dark force’s agenda so far shall be seen clearly in the open as jupiter becomes progressive and as saturn too goes direct in october, beings will have another chance of coming out of their remorse….. remember, it’s a chance, but, only if it is acted upon…..as mentioned in part 1, it’s an individual play and as we proceed in time, it’s going to be more and more narrow…..leaving no room for any other person…..

the ongoing exercises of testing people shall be reduced and then stopped as the human trials for the devil’s cocktail pharma is completed and now, there are more things to rumor people with their own imaginary play and fake way of escapism by comforting statements that divine will help & work for them, we will do as it comes, we are one among others etc etc…..

only few shall be safe-guarded, rest have face the wrath….. those who has the eyes can real-eyes…..because, “divine helps those who help themselves…..”

mercurian year seeks mercurian help not a mental (moon) help…..coming up more for the upcoming…..

note: there are few remedial measures which one can take to lower down the intensity….