Question: Everywhere everyone says that we feel with our heart and be kind hearted and feel it in your heart. but then, is it that every emotion is actually felt in the stomach. Every emotion affects and causes some sort of a feeling in the stomach? When we are nervous or happy we feel something in the stomach and not anywhere else!!

V: From the time we are born, means as we enter a mother’s womb and take a body form, only the navel gets activated with the basic functions of life which are represented by the lower root center at tail bone of our spine. That’s the reason we are attached to the mother through navel and navel remains the center.
Navel is the center of the body too which divine body into equal halves as well and a complete circle with limbs expanded.
And, navel represents the stomach fire. With any sort of emotional input, be it anger, hatred, fear or excitement, the energy at the navel shakes. That’s why it is called emotion; e is energy, motion means to move. When energy moves from its center, it generates emotion.
Since, navel is the basic center so we feel every emotion at stomach until one does his own efforts with the purpose of evolving above the basic functionality of life and reaches the heart center. Now, heart here doesn’t mean the blood pumping organ but the center of your being, which is the next center to navel.
As I say, Love reversed is evol means either you evolve or you love. And, love is a complete state of being which occurs when you are evolved as a being. Now, that’s the reason of attachment, because people love from the navel center and that creates attachment leading to paint the end. Whereas love gives no pain but immense freedom.