#manas #darshan #conditioning
Do you observe how from childhood you are slowly made acquainted with the ongoing systems. Be it education, profession, health, relationship, money or anything. You are made to believe that this is what whole of the mass does on this planet and similar is what you are suppose to do, following each part of the matrix in a same way. And, that is what you are prepared for at every age number of your life. This is done in such a minute way through words, actions and through various forms of teachings by parents, teachers and all other people in authority that you never get to get a hint even that you are conditioned.

At any point of life, rarely one realizes the way one is conditioned as the conditioning makes one comfortable to all the ongoing systems and making you fit to what all is going on. The societal system does not only come from the outside world only but it all begins from your home itself where you live with your well conditioned family and you are adjusted to follow the family traditions, culture, rituals. Then, the world conditions you for patriotism, values, morality, nobility and so on. You are not only conditioned to for the systems or the culture but to the very core of how you dress yourself to the way you think about gender, about an image of a man & the wom(b)man, about sex and about the means of pleasure. Exploitation of yourself and others becomes a means of happiness, joy & pleasure.

Conditioning is all about giving you boundary of thinking, limiting your actions in a fix pattern while making you comfortable to keep you intact in the fix system of this world which is established by the authorities to keep you under control. It doesn’t even end here. The world system conditions you and the other beings to control each other’s life while making you believe that you know a lot and you can possess each other’s life while calling it love and exploit each other in every possible way.
Your very image of yourself is a product of your conditioning that you see yourself as and you want to become something what you are not. This requires minute observation of yourself and of the world around.

Reading this most of you would say that you very well know all this about conditioning and yet you will live with same conditioning following same pattern. Because, with the conditioning comes the fear which doesn’t let you be free the imprisonment that this world cage keeps you intact in. Conditioning is to bring slavery and that too with controls by all around you whosoever it is. Rare can get the awareness of their conditioning as opposite of conditioning is awakening to what all is not letting you to be yourself and to be free in all respects. And, to be free means to walk the path of live all alone without letting anyone or anything to let you be a part of masses; to be free from all what limits you & brings you under control.

Think about it and observe closely.