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Many reach me sharing about the suffering & pain which arise out of a passing situation, from a passing state of mind and they all seek solution to overcome it. Certainly, all want to overcome anything which causes pain. All visit priests, astrologers, vastu practitioners, healers, any new age practitioner and so on. And, all of them put them in some jugglery of some sort to keep the mind busy while changing the object in front, but, yet the pain remains. It sprouts back.
Have anyone ever asked why this pain remains? What is the source of this pain, suffering and the rest of it?
Rare of the rarest, go deeper into digging the very course of all pain, misery and suffering in ones life. Murderous it becomes, when the today’s gurus make everyone sit with close eyes for hours and hours, to go deep inside. Look at the very fact- “to open ones eyes to the realities of this reality, sit with close eyes”. Just observe it carefully, for it can make you realise the very essence of your existence in this reality.
Situations come and go, thoughts come and go, state of mind changes, as “everything in this earthly reality is based on cyclicity” and every changing as the basis of this reality is impermanence. Hence, so will the suffering, pain and grief too. But, when it is there; do you reach to its source or you just let it pass by and allow it to hit you back again.
Do you see you life process in this world- education, work, marriage, children, health, money, power and die!!
Have you ever thought- what suffering this system cause inside you? I’m sure you call this system beneficial and symbiotic as it help you nourish your temporary ego by making you realize that you are educated, now you can earn money and do whatever in your life. But, do you see the suffering that this education cause to you while preparing you and to keep you intact in the system while not letting you even move out by an inch? You are merely interested in putting blames over people and situations for your suffering, for it is the easiest thing that you can do. But, see what all brings you slavery in this world; be it your education, marriage, work or anything. It is just a source of moving from one form of slavery to another and then, from one form of suffering and moving into another. Same cyclicity is used to keep you in the mental jugglery, to let you continue thinking to behave in a same manner that a slave does. Thence, the suffering never need.