Mouth is one of the most important inlet and outlet of your being. It’s function is not only to eat food for bodily well being but its also the outlet of speech which implies the health of the inner world. And, the most astonishing fact is- it’s the most misused.

You speak superfluously all the time, speaking whatever which means nothing and leads nowhere. For a day just observe yourself, whenever you are speaking, you will find you are just speaking gibberish and so are the people around you. People talk of politics, someone else’s life, someone’s bad, about body, about looks, about behavior, just talking talking and talking.

Such talking, doesn’t add any value to your life and it certainly doesn’t add gravity to your words. That’s the biggest reason why the intent is so weak and it leads to no manifestation in nature. There is a difference in talking and speaking. Talking is use of mere words where are speaking is use of your coiled snake energy to express that’s why it is called S-Peak. S means the coiled serpent energy and peak implies it’s highest reach.

Now, see how many people are talking and how many do you find speaking. Rarely, you will find anyone speaking. Because, you talk whole day non-sensically, having no discipline of senses. Your talking is just gibberish; which means unconscious worthless talking. Speech is given to express that is why in hindi man is called vyakti; the one who can express/vyakt. Think about it!!
Love, V