The world you see around is a reality which can realized in two way: either it can be “real eyes” or it can be “real lies”. But, that’s depends upon the state of mind which is either free or programmed. The relationships around you, be it with people, with your work, with money, with your partner; everything is so tightly- badly programmed that its locked in your senses and you live in it as a sense pleasure. Now understand that the senses which were a greater tool to experience nature are now functioning as traps and you are not made capable enough to raise above the level of your sensory traps. The forces of the world wish for your slavery forever and ever while keeping you involved in media, news, politics, money, fame, luxury, brands, authority, power etc. Even to find god, people go inside the man-made buildings whereas it has to be found in the nature. Do you think, the sky you look at is a sky? Think about all this!!