I live in a simple house, living a very simple life with no extra flairs added to life, with no pomp & show which satisfies others for the sake of their presence in my life. I am totally contented with what I have and deeply happy with what I do; not only for myself but for the world I live in. I too face ups and downs as I have the fair share of life to go through but I do not give anyone a privilege to dictate me the terms to live my life.
For me the path is little opposite. People say they support those who help them at the time of need but I say- I share my heart only with them who are happy with me in the times of my happiness today. We often think people who stand by us are our companions but realize that rare are the ones who become your companions of your bliss. Mostly, people just run away when you start becoming happy without them.
Doesn’t matter what all you possess, what all brands you wear, what all you have at your service but what matters how contented you are with all what you have.