I humbly bow at the lotus of SriGuru Maha-avatar, for He is the ultimate source of love, wisdome and guidance…..

in the part 1 & 2 much is mentioned about what is coming up in 2021 and what all shall witness on this land and still, there shall be only few who will be able to take the right action for their-selves as the dark forces are in utter power in this world and at this when the celestial play has created such a scenario where right will seem wrong and wrong will seem right, spirits shall lose their navigation and shall lose conscience to be decisive between the good & the evil…..

history repeats itself, as the veil of the dark forces shall hinder the spirits to stand together in love and come together as one….. however, there shall be few who shall join hands together, irrespective of the belief or the color, they shall not be the waiters or the by-standers around the masses but they shall be the ones who have taken actions in the right time, not just losing on action and waiting for the divine to work for them, for divine is no ones slave or servant, for nature does not obey a blind man, for the governing laws of this reality does not support the undisciplined…..

when today humanity has lost the real wisdome and the mental world is hijacked by the dark powers, as they have gained power from the same one source, where even the spirits can gain their power, but, the spirits have time and again chosen the mental pleasure and the sense gratification, the puffing up of their own fake ego by ignoring what real law is, rejecting what they must have done, denying what they must have learnt; in order to be safe-guarded for what is coming up for the masses, who are completely dependent upon the artificial- imaginary authority created system, just to control them…..

spirits are already at the loss as the dark powers who are in power and in-charge of the visible world, have already taken the disastrous steps to chain spirits in this reality as slave till eternity and their actions are faster than what today’s artificially intelligent man can even think…..with more time passing, beings shall witness the diminishing control over their own lives….. spirits who had risen & brought into this reality to have best of both worlds, but, because of their own folly & ignorance, they have lost total sense of the invisible since ages and now they are going to lose sense over the visible too, just because of the mistakes of their fore-fathers…..

2022 shall bring the collapse of already running education system, as the upcoming education system is another step towards supporting the artificial beings who will learn thru’ the artificial system and shall be climatized to the new world of bots and the biometrically controlled society….. real education which should provide the navigation here and thereafter is already lost because the spirits chose to be glorified artificially with the accumulations and the gatherings…..

with the dark enzyme already injected among masses, the world is ready to prepared with the environment, by the controllers, which shall give them more power the masses….. the policy here is to- “inject what is required to make masses think in same lines and give them a culture media & bio-media to sustain, to have total control…..”

“infect, inject, make them to ingest and finally infest…..”

beings will be shaken as earth will see extraordinary events in nature and mankind…..modern & the self-imagined liberal man who depends on paper money but not on food, shall witness the food disappearing from it’s plate and that will be the time when spirits shall repent on their mistakes of ignoring the right for the wrong, good for the evil, action for the mere thinking, real for the imaginary…..

2022 is the year, spirits shall have to begin to find methods to overcome the eternal slavery, for spirits will realize the true differences between the real & the artificial, between the need and the wants, between talking & acting, between survival & fake luxuries, between love & mere attachments, between service & slavery…..

there is still a last hope for the youth and the co-companions to unite in love than to continue living in the past and waiting for a rosy future to open up for them, by itself….. it’s time when spirits must balance themselves, rise in one’s self interest individually and act for oneself than to think on the states of a group, a commune or country or masses…..

“individual action shall help redeem individual sol…..”

more coming up…..