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Month: September 2020

five, panch
September 25, 2020

  five, 5, φV, panch, panch-indriya, panch-bhoot... whole world is speaking and worrying about 5-g and it's emf (electro-magnetic frequency) but, forgetting to take right action to...

September 25, 2020

awakening means spirit being wakes up in this reality, get to know the imperfections of this earthly life and begins to work on them... and, enlightenment means the being has found the exit...

journey of a spirit being
September 25, 2020

Journey of a spirit being: poor attitude, ego, wrong behavior, not following diVine laws----> being falls on this earth plane to learn ----> being gets more trapped in the worldly...

September 25, 2020

#body (bow-D), the sacred temple, is a treasure land, kshetra (क्षेत्र) and being is the owner of this land (क्षेत्रज्ञ)... the container of g-lands, the...

11th may
September 25, 2020

1th May, daughter's be-earth-day... 11, number of awakening, the opening of doors of spiritual realm... 11th sign is Aquarius, kumbh, the water bearer, the celestial...

मधु विद्या
September 25, 2020

मधुर शब्द माधुर्य से भरा है, मधु से भरा है...मधु-र, मधु का अर्थ है शहद और र- कार,...

September 25, 2020

education is utmost important but what do you call education today... which is sold outside in the market is not education but it's a preparation to serve the world system... it's the...

sol in-Victus
September 25, 2020

"sol in-Victus"- ancient symbol of the unconquered sun god... "sol" is sun, soul, atman, krishna, christ... "in-Victus" means unconquered...Victus also means vvay of living...certainly,...

from my diary – my real truth
September 25, 2020

From my diary- "my real truth" - 13th June'2014 night, the early morning of 14th, when my whole existence took a new turn, the night when I woke up from a dead life, a life of masses, a life ...

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