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Month: September 2020

September 25, 2020

 free is the one who has solved the puzzle of earthly life... who has navigated himself out of this earthly labyrinth... who has decoded the real-absolute meanings of this...

realm. real, reality, realisation
September 25, 2020

#ageofaquarius #wakeupcall the whole world talks about being spiritual and happy calling their selves spiritual by just talking about meditation, healing, affirmation or any new age mumbo...

rise of kalyug
September 25, 2020

with the rise of kalyug, the age of darkness, the age of ignorance, the age of no- knowledge, anyone who doesn't even have any knowledge, they begin to preach, teach and counsel... the most...

a-kshay tritiya part 2
September 25, 2020

अ-क्षय तृतीय-२ सोम के पान से ही महान लक्ष्य की- प्रभु जैसा ही बन जाने की...

a-kshay tritiya part 1
September 25, 2020

  a-kshay (अ-क्षय ) tritiya, as everyone celebrates today and speaks about...let's look at it... a-kshay means which can not be destroyed or will never end and tri-tya refers to...

april fool’s day
September 25, 2020

  why 1st april is called as fool's day? 1st april, the day when sun enters the constellation revati which is the last nakshatra in the sign pisces. and, revati means to revital, to nouris...

September 25, 2020

someone asked- why is pyramid called pyramid? this is from V's notes- when in the modern day scenario people doesn't know anything about alphabets and the very basics of language then, i...

complete man in this reality
September 25, 2020

who is a complete man in this earthly reality? answer is simple; the one who is graced by all the nav-graha, the celestial higher beings- South Node- ketu- key to go out of this realit...

September 25, 2020

Master, a term used since ages for many ordinary beings who had no knowledge and just were involved in trapping the masses thru' mere pretention... it happens when celestial knowledge is...

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