When you’re weak to handle the truth, it’s easier to consider it false inside your head but “Truth alone triumphs”.

I meet many people on daily basis who claim many things on platforms and to the audiences but in reality they their selves are stuck deep in the mud and the poor-evil thing is when they are so blind folded that they consider their falsities to be the truth because of their slavery to praises, authority and money while practicing any fake unrealized modality.

This is not a new thing in the history of any vedic practice. The history itself reveal the facts about how Budha, Kabir and Meera were treated for speaking the truth. That as too because of the false practitioners not ready to face the truth.

So, is the case now too and it will always be. But, sun always shines and shines through all ages. When the seekers are insincere, they become false practitioners to gather false fame, praiseworthy words or money. It reflects their slavery to these traps; because they have never thought on the lines- what is praise doing to them? How is money pumped on this planet and what is it doing with them?

More than these false practitioners, I pity on the students who fall prey to them on the name of healing, meditations, yog, astrology, angels, past life regression, crystals or any westernized fancy name and many badly modified modalities to vow someone on the name of faith. Remember, the word false begin with fall and that certainly happens within few years.

Remove the blind folded frame of faith from your eyes and you can save yourself to fall into the hands of such obsessed false practitioners. Let me say it loud and clear that I’m not against individual/s but the false practices.

Do share it as it can awake someone before being fooled