Vishal SriPaul
at Shirdi:
“Discipline comes first, rest follows”
The first and the foremost is “the right attitude to learn and the discipline” that one has to adopt in the very beginning of the journey. Since, the whole equation is reversed, people take up the certification courses on various vedic sciences, modalities be it astrology, numerology, healings or anything for that matter and the basics of body-mind discipline are not put in place, which leads to unhealthy body and disordered mind. Discipline comes out of realization of the facts and not the pretention that let’s do it because someone else is doing. “Discipline is discipline when followed in the absence of any authority” and it’s required till it becomes a part of you. One must have his whole endeavor on sadhna to have a disciplined body, a quiet mind and then, take up the further learnings which brings the results quickly. Not only students but teachers today have no discipline in place, with totally disorderly unhealthy life they teach and preach but they their selves are suffering either from health ailments or from the issues of anger & ego and yet they teach the subject of divine science, healings, the study of stars etc.