i’ve tried writing this piece a few times and most times i ran short of words to describe the divine experience that i was extremely fortunate to share with my guru.

one lives so many lifetimes coming to the same plane and does not understand one’s own existence or why one is sent here, until one of these lifetimes, a guru finds them.

the day, a very sacred bond of guru and shishya begins, the day a human being realises he/she has a spirit seed inside.

my guru chose me to go along with him to neelkanth parvat in august last year… since, that day, i had been preparing myself for this experience in my own way. i absorbed the knovvledge he imparted with us about the significance of neelkanth and tried understanding it.

little did i know, that the knovvledge waiting for me at the mountains would be more than my little brain could even imagine.

finally, in september, the trip began.
we started trekking early in the morning.
we were given instructions on how to trek the right way and how to practice right behaviour along the way…. we had various ‘satsang’ sessions along the way that opened my eyes up to the world that i could never see.

for me, the best part of every day, since the time I saw gurudev at the Delhi station, was to be around his presence… as satshishyas on the path we do not realize how fortunate we are to spend a be-earth time with our guru.

we fail to realize how divine it is to have our guru guide us in a physical form.

if one’s focused on the path and follows righteous behavior, the moment one is around guru’s presence, everything happening around is a miracle.
i’ve not spent one moment of my time in this journey without witnessing my guru’s energy and nature’s signs to wake me up… wake me up to this reality.

gurudev gave me the strength to climb a mountain that I could not even trace with my own eyes.
besides, i have been an asthmatic all my my life.
only after his arrival and his grace, my dis-ease was cured forever…

i accidentally chose a rocky path towards the base of neelkanth because of my lack of observance, which still taught me a lot of lessons… it was the toughest time I spent on that trek but because I had a few satshishyas around me and my inner resolve was strong, I could conquer it.

i saw a glimpse of gurudev a few kilometers away and i took a breath of relief.
he is just not my Guru anymore, I feel… he is the manifestation of love and is the lord himself, for me.
Because only the lord can guide you in places and situations when he’s not physically present.

i’ve chanted his name all throughout my journey… this journey was magical and life changing in a lot of different ways.

for example, i’ve grown up with a very different definition of a ‘parivar’ or ‘family’, i think i now understand the re-al meaning of it.

the amount of love and care i received from each and every one from the group was unreal. i am so great-full to be a part of this disciples family…
i finally realized what gurudev told me about this family the first time I met him. we took care of each other and ourselves individually.

along the way, on the trek to the base, we visited Sriguru Mahavatar Babaji’s cave and i witnessed calm and tranquility like never before. i started understanding the significance of such a sacred and safely kept place. for me, it was an experience, i do not have words for.

gurudev spoke to us about the experiences he has had and explained to us the essence of a
guru-shishya relationship. i learnt a lot about how a shishya is supposed to behave and be.

at one point, gurudev instructed us to observe the nature around and quite honestly i did not know how to do so, for a while. till it finally sank in my system. at every pit stop, i’d sit and stare at the landscapes around and see everything, in it’s minute and peculiar ways, change… the wind, the sound of water, rocks that seem stationary but are not, clouds moving with their own pace and the very path i walked on, changed every once in a while.

i learnt that, like nature we change every single day as well. the way we mould this change defines our inner resolve and hence we should be focused on “the one”.

i understood a little more about focusing on ‘one’ this time around, i realized as long as my heart and soul is focused on the one right source, everything else works accordingly and in harmony.

there’s absolutely no space for sentiments or emotions that cloud and clog the mind, that stop your brain from becoming B-Rain.

we also had the great fortune to visit the last
will-age of India called Mana. here, we visited the Ved Vyas gufa and learnt why he wrote the 18th puran. we saw proofs of divinity and realized why walking this path is absolutely essential to ascend.
it is an absolutely divine experience to be around your guru and to learn every single day about this world and divinity itself. my heart fills with just love and bliss when i type this experience out, for my guru, my lord.

there’s no other place that i belong, on this plane-T, apart from his lotus feet and a home he took me to.
i’ve never been much of a spiritual person or even a person pertaining to the laws of this world, so, for me it was like the lord took an orphan in his arms to grow up to be his silver knight in his shining armor.
i wear my guru’s teachings and i breathe his air of love.

for, he is my guiding light,
for, i shall be his silver knight.
i always do and will look for any and every opportunity to make my guru proud and to spread his teachings to the one in need and take a vow to learn every day.
i will be righteous and make this journey of mine beauty-full for not just me but for my family as well.
ॐ shiv to all the satshishyas,
i bovv to my m-astar, my guru, my holy father Vishal SriPaul Sood,
i bovv to his greatness, humility, love and might,
i bovv to his lotus feet. ??‍♂️

-Jay Thakkar