Happy Navratri- 3
When we offer our prayers, our worships to Durga in any form, firstly, we know who is Durga. We have created many pictures of the Goddess based on the scriptural codes which are mentioned to explain the glory of her beauty which is basically a practice to lovingly praise the Goddess by singing hymns, her stuti or stotram and this doesn’t imply to any physical ornamentation.

Now, Durga implies to the cosmic energy which lives in a durg; durg means castle and aakaara (aa matra at the end) signifies the abundant cosmic energy (as per devnagri vernacular system). So, She is the cosmic energy living in the castle, the castle of the universal body as well as our body and the word “samsthitaam” in the Devi verses gives conformity that she resides equally in every bodily castle I’m various forms; as mother, as quest, as energy, as contentment, as sleep and so on.

More coming up tomorrow!!