The first step to self growth is Satsang and we must understand the meaning of satsang. Satsang is not same as sankirtan when one sings hymns and divine songs but satsang gives birth to sankirtan naturally by letting your whole being filled with divine love.

Satsang is the company of truth. The company of people where there is only the discussion, contemplation and absorption of truth. Now, what is truth? Truth is your whole existence; the very core of your reality which connects you with the whole, the supreme. Truth is that which takes off the veil of all your lies which the world has imposed upon you. This is what satsang does to you. It inculcates the truth by taking away the darkness of the lies.
Satsang includes shravan- listening, swadhyaya – contemplation and abhyaas- practice. When you listen to the truths, contemplate over it and practice it in your mundane life, it brings a great deal of expansion within which helps you change your vision for the routine life issues.

Satsang naturally leads one to an expanded state of mind & energy and it develops a loveful heart which pours love out to everyone. Satsang is a multi-dimensional path which leads the practitioners to dhyana, bhakti and prem.

With the enhancements in our telecommunications, it’s easy to have more satsang and one must take the full benefit of technology to develop a culture of satsang.

How would you know, if satsang is bringing change in you?
1. Your face would light up with light and spark
2. Your mental health improves
3. Past challenges do not seem to be challenging now
4. You feel more and more love and peace inside
5. Your quest to know and to realise the truth grows multifold
6. You avoid parties, gossips, unnecessary chats, conversations and criticizing talk about anyone & anything
7. You wish to explore more and more thru experiences, books, and self- analysis
8. You become more willing to bring greater change in your life
9. You become conscious about your behavior, thoughts and action in day to day life
10. Your friend circle and choices of people you connect changes too
11. You feel greater connect with god, divine, guru and nature.

Analyse yourself and serve yourself with the luxury of satsang.

Guru Krupa