piscean #sun is shedding light on the fake mass beliefs of duality.

#rahu in gemini too is amplifying the same dual beliefs through media which sun is shedding light unto.

#jupiter, the guru is holding the #ketu, the intelligent key of wisdom in the 9th sign saggitarius, dhanu, the house of righteous action, dharma, tapasya.

#saturn, the judge is full-on in the action mode in the 10th sign, now joined by #mars the earthly matter energy.

#venus, the v-in-us, the etheric energy of heavenly beauty & auspiciousness is in aries, the fiery sign of earth energy.

#mercury in the sign of celestial knowledge, aquarius.


so, what’s the ongoing celestial play on this plane:

– all fake, mass belief, the phenomenon of creating duality is brought into the light of public, all are witnessing and going thru’ a phase of duality which is being backed up, amplified and bombarded by the pre-prepared media, since rahu was already in gemini and sun firstly shed light on the knowledge being in aquarius, last month and now, bringing the whole mass phenomenon into the public light with the help of rahu, because Ra-hu is sun too as Ra means sun. this will affect masses at large who will not use the key of intelligence, right action, tapasya and bow to divine & higher beings as Jupiter, the guru had been indicating it from the time it has entered in sagittarius, the sign of bow & arch.


– if one clearly sees through what is sun bringing into light and what is rahu amplifying to show  clearly, the real face of all authorities, governments, the controlling forces and if one uses the celestial intelligence of mercury (kumbhak buddhi) and the jupiterian techniques to bow and use the archery of ketu, then one can certainly be saved from wrath of judgement on earth as saturn, the judge is all aligned to give judgement for all who had spoiled the earthly property, be it earthly body or nature which is mars.


– safeguarded will be the ones who follow jupiterian instructions (guru agnya) as all fake saintism and new age practices will face a severe fall in the next 3 months. venus too shall shoot fire onto beings who have no natural aesthetics and have non-sensical food habits and non-divine associations.


– celestial play to bring judgement through nature is on which the mass media will never cover because of the control over them to keep masses blind- folded. but, intelligent ones can see what nature and divine is indicating towards by casting earthquakes, floods, tsunami and locust attacks all over the world. humans must wake up as the fake spirituality or any temporary resource will not help or safeguard anyone.


– now, the current elephant in the room is this virus epidemic which masses are sacred of but people must use some basic sense of intelligence that the virus means poisoning particle (विषाणु) and it’s a big agenda based play of mass poisoning going on to kill people and to de-populate in order to have better control, which the celestial divine forces had been indicating from last few years, but yet propel kept their selves busy in their routine.


– no wonder, when the intelligence on this plane has gone so low, all have found remedies, solutions, healings and long instructions for corona virus, which doesn’t exist but poison does, which they are not even able to see through.  suddenly, majority has becomes phds in handling the virus.


– corona, the crown, the sahastrar it indicates the age of awakening which shall begin as this world war -tri ends, the war of electro-magnetism.


remember, all have to break the mass- hypnotism and wake up to divine as the worst is yet to come within this year itself.

Excerpt from V’s audio to the disciples on 13th March’2020.