#Jyotisham had been a great contributor in my life as my spiritual journey started from receiving the understanding of- how planetary forces create an impact upon us and how can we overcome the impacts by just become more & more aware of thoughts which are created on the surface of mind, but because we are unaware of the activity of thought inside us, we fall prey to our very own actions in this world. Another way of getting trapped is- our unawareness & non-understanding of “fate, destiny & karma”. Fate brings us to a milestone, which we can understand as a life situation but our current actions in that situation helps us build a fresh new destiny altogether and we create a new world by our own choices (not freewill). This is where jyotisham helps us in understanding what actions to be taken and when while keeping peace inside. This is what truly is the role of an astrologer to assist & advise the querent to handle life situations in a more productive manner.