“In conversation with Babaji’s devotee, V shared”
World can be judgemental to you in many ways; for your looks, for your dressing sense, for your outlook, for your work, for you behavior or even may be for your silence too. Everyone has their own frame of mind thru’ which they look at you. And, you will always be judged for whatever you do. It has nothing to do with you but it has a relation to the structure of this world.

People will not be able to look at what all you have gone through, what your journey was, what was your struggle, how you have reached here where you are today, but, they will simply look at your smiling face, the glory attached to it and continue to judge you. It’s just because of the fact that this world is not they way it appears to you. The frames of life are changing so fast that anyone’s mind is not able to capture all what is happening but they are prone to look at just the screen which opens up in front of their physical eyes or the imagination they create while perceiving through their senses. That’s why the picture casted in front of them will never be total but partial, so is their judgement.

When one doesn’t know how their thoughts are created inside them and how thoughts are driving them to reach onto a conclusion about someone? How can the judgement be correct!! So, you stay relaxed and peaceful. Continue to walk on your path and remember, your actions should not be harm anyone. That’s the only rule that one has to follow. Rest, you be yourself and never allow anything to shake your peace inside and your actions outside.

People might not initially believe in what you do, they might work-shaming you, they might criticize you; but, if you are truthful for your work and you have no intention to cheat anyone, work with one-pointedness and consistency. Don’t bother yourself by answering everyone and by getting into argumentations of proving your point. which is very common these day. Just stay silent and continue with your work. Let your silence answer all of them.

May Guru’s grace be upon you!!