self- in the earthly reality

people had been using the term “self” in various contexts without actually knowing it’s real meaning. because the knowledge is totally lost from this earthly plane and everyone just believed in what all they just heard or have seen many people following.

so, the term is self. look at it alphabets: s-e-l-f. The letter “s” represents the spinal column and the remaining word is “elf” which means a small fallen angel. therefore, the world sElf indicates a bigger meaning than the most popular self means I meaning.

sElf means a small fallen angel into a spinal body, which all the humans on this earthly land are. as the intelligence went low, humans lost all meanings to life and thence, they were given purposes by all authorities, governments, society and all who are considered above any person.

the real meaning of earthly life is lost as the angel lost all its memory and conscious. so, whatever anybody said, it was agreed to. which not only lead to live a blind life but also lead one to remain controlled for all ones birth time.

self certainly has another meaning which signifies the perfect being whose snake energy is awakened. that way, there are no self yet on earth, so, how would anyone think of finding or reaching or attaining the higher-self.