Sriguru charankamlabhyam namah
Firstly, I offer my prostrations at the lotus feet of sriguru mahavatar babaji, with whose grace only I am able to speak glory for devi adishakti jagat-janani jagad-amba.

Now, I offer my salutations to the mother of the whole creation, to the eternal stri (स्त्री) who only is functional with-in & with-out.

Oh the beautiful goddess, oh the mother of this creation, oh the most beautiful- glorified being, what else is this jagat, other than a mere play which comes into action with just a blink of your eye!!

Oh divine mother, oh the red color enveloped shakti, oh the bestower of the skies of love & grace, with your glorious lotus feet placed in the heart, even the cruel one becomes a beloved of the world just like the water brings fertility to an arid land!!

Oh the divine shower of compassion, oh the bringer of dawn & dusk, the whole jagat moves with your divine will, even the devatas, the deities, the stars, the constellations, the whole is singing your glory!!

Oh the perfect shakti, you are bestower of tri-shakti Mahalakshmi, MahaSaraswati & MahaGauri to the tri-dev, with your grace only do they function & play in all creation, with your grace only are they graceful and glorified!!

Oh ma, you are the one who infest life into a dead piece of meat & flesh, with your grace only can one reach the highest of all states, if you grace only then one can attain the divine knowledge of this world (para) & whole (apara) because you pour into your child, all the vidya with your graceful posture at sahastra-dal.

Oh the bestower of the vidya of perfection (sri-vidya), the vidya of all varna (varna vidya), the vidya of the elixir (madhu vidya) and all sixty-four vidya (chaunsath vidya), I bow to your feet oh divine mother, what else do I need other than you!!

Oh the light of compassion unto me, oh the giver of mother-hood, oh the bringer of life into whole creation, what big these vidyas are other than just a pearl bead of nose pin!!

Oh the graceful, glorified ma, how can a child ask anything other than you?, Oh the celestial shower of love, what value is of anything when my eyes are fixed onto you, Oh ma!!

Oh the beauty of the creation, oh the residing ma kundalini in each spirit, oh the divine intelligence, oh the life-force unto all beings, how the one with many faces, many hands, many feet, many functions, many glorifying features, oh the divine functional principle, oh the beloved of shiv, I bow unto you!!

I bow to the devi functional in the tripur, I bow to all the forms of shakti, I bow to the deliverer of life, I bow to the bringer of light, I bow to the mother of all divine principles, I bow to the bestower of all divine knowledge, I bow to thee with all surrendered at her feet, for She is the only light, She is the mother, She is the most glorified, She is the ultimate intelligence, She is the illuminator, She is the savior, and She is the ultimate grace of this whole creation.

I bow for her graceful divine glimpse in this reality ॐ