?Happy Navratri-6?
Devi, the shakti which is residing in everything that we perceive through senses and all the we experience beyond senses, it is Devi.

Hrudyastha raviprakhya trikonantrdeepika
Daakshaayani daityahantri dakshayagyavinaashini

It is Devi, the one with the divine qualities, who resides in the heart, center of chitta, famed like sun, illumined in the center of the trikona (the muladhara triangle), born to Daksha as daughter and yet destroying his yagya because of his ego and Devi is the killer of the demons.

She is the Adishakti, which is there since time immemorial. She is the one who is giving moving (gati) to the jagat. She lives in the cave of creation and reveals herself not but yet she is in action. She manifests herself to the sadhaka who dips into her ecstatic bliss with his intend to play in the divine lap of mother like a small child, without any desire. And, she bestow all prosperities upon her children.

The journey begins by connecting and playing in the nature as it’s her manifestation which can experienced through senses and beyond senses.

Love and Blessings ?