Happy Navratri- 2
During these nine nights of Navratri, Divine Mother must be meditated upon as She is Srimata, SriMaharagyi, Srimatisinghasneshwari; She is the mother who bestows prosperity, she is the queen and she sits on the illumined throne. She is born from the fire pit of chitta and she is always ready to perform the divine work. She is atmavidya, mahavidya and srividya. She herself is the knowledge of the atman, the greatest of wisdom and the knowledge to attain prosperity.

Divine Mother who is prakruti and is the creator energy of universe; when she is meditated during these nights, she bestows the same power of creation in you. She awakens inside from the chitta-agni and all her assistants- yakshas yakshinis, gandharvas and pishachinis welcome the upasak into the kingdom of Devi before Devi arrives. They bless the Devi upasak with various siddhis to be used for the divine work during the lifetime.
For Her divine grace, one must meditate upon her in the heart centre during these nights as She is the Mother who saves the child from all vikrutis.

More to come tomorrow.