Happy Navratri- 1
Lets explore Navratri and Divine Mother-
This is considered to be one of the auspicious time of the year, celebrated right after the ceremonial gratitude to the pitris. It’s because for the human life the first visible thing is matter which is the physical manifestation of energy and so is earth as well as our body. So, firstly we have to be connected to the Bhu-Devi, our earth upon which exists our life and we travel through our body, which too is formed of element earth.

After we are done with our prayers, offerings and gratitude worship to Bhu-Devi and it’s related matters, then, comes the Shakti; which is another form of Divine Mother which governs the functioning of matter in this whole cosmos; macrocosmos and the microcosmos. Our body is an amazing tool which represents the whole impression of macrocosmos in the form the inverted pipal tree as referred in various texts as “urdhvamula ashwatham”.

During these days, one must meditate upon Divine Mother with full love and devotion while taking care of: body by eating natural foods, light meals and of mind by rejecting the environment of gossips, fights, anger, greed and lust.

Word of caution: Do not get involved into the mumbo-jumbo practices of Devi worship until you are not initiated by a master and specially, be cautious while chanting any mantras picked from any social media or television by anyone until you are not initiated in that mantra.

Remember, the whole creation is playing in the lap of Divine Mother and these 9 nights are good for those who wish to connect to the Devi and experience her; the consort of Shiva. The best thing to do is meditate every night on Devi while sitting amidst nature or in a clean place. For those who meditation upon Devi is not possible, they may use Devi Idol (any akaar) to meditate.

Do sing praises of Devi in any language because intend is everything and Devi will certainly appear and you would experience her grace.

More coming up on Devi tomorrow. Do share if you like.
Love, V