#Saturn moved to Capricorn today, which is it's own sign, for next two & half years. Saturn is kaal, yamagrajam (elder brother of Yama), justice maker and the one who controls the whole play of actions through it's rules & discipline. And, Capricorn is the sign of fight, warrior and disciplined action in the earthly life. As Saturn enters Capricorn, it's all up for action in it's own house to make it more disciplined in all respects. Earth is the house it rules and controls, so, Saturn's endeavor here is to make everyone cohere with the earthly laws else, be ready to bear the justice. 

Now, how will it make everyone abide by the laws? Look at the your birth chart (D1/lagna chart) and see which house is Capricorn in your chart. The house where Saturn is transiting, you have to abide by the discipline related to the aspect which that house represent, in order to keep that house pure and disciplined. This is one simple way. However, based on your lagna and placement of Saturn in your lagna chart, certainly the results will vary from individual to individual. But remember, the discipline of the house that Saturn is transiting has to be maintained anyhow.

Be ready for yet another play by Saturn, for bigger explorations and for moving into a new era.