Here begins the auspicious period of uttarayan when the Lord and the higher beings wake up for delivering their duties upon earth. Sun begins to shine upon the northern most hemisphere and it's the most auspicious time which must be spent in the company of saints, higher beings and one must feed the needy (not for charity but the needy). 


As dakshinayan in the period to focus on ones vices and to establish in the firm practices & discipline in order to fix the mind in one lord, one guru, in one lineage and toward ones ultimate goal for oneself. So, uttarayan is the period when the spot light is upon the northern hemisphere celestially as well as on the spirit body. As Uttarayan marks Sun's entry into the Capricorn giving it's name: makara sunkranti, and sun enters it's own nakshatra uttarashada which is the nakshatra of vishvadevatas means all the higher beings. Hence, uttarayan marks the waking of all higher beings to do the righteous for the spirit being for their liberation. 


Moving from dakshinayan toward uttarayan, sun's zone begins inside the body from anahat which is antariksh (mid horizon) loka to aagnya which is dhyu-loka where sun shines at its full potential in the northern most horizon. Uttarayan marks the change in season the northern and eastern regions which are near to meru, center of the bhu-mandal (earth). Uttarayan is the period to reap the results of what is practised in dakshinayan. So, what should one do when the higher beings wake up: 

1. Bow, offer flowers & sweet meals and sing qualities of the higher beings. 

2. Take up anushthan with the initiated mantra and kriya for a fix period minimum 48 days. 

3. Speak and spread Lord's words, truths, divine knowledge and help spirit beings who are sincere seekers on the path. 

4. Practice basic discipline of speech, food, sleep, water and nature.

5. Read more & more divine knowledge and apply it in day-to-day life. 

If you have any questions, you may pls ask. 


Love ðŸ•‰