Earth is a half day- half night plane, which means half light and half darkness, as you can see; on earth plane, there is half time is sun time and half time is dark time. 
But, the planes above are full light and the planes below are full dark, that's why the swarg (स्वर्ग) is above towards north and hell (नरक) is below towards south. Earth is sandhi (संधि) plane which means the plane of mutual agreement between devatas and asuras, playing a game together. Earth is a play ground for asuras to trap more & more devatas and to keep using their ether. 
So, for the spirit beings, the light beings (from above light planes), earth is imprisonment. Only those challenging the lord and Lord's diVine principle are sent to this imprisonment to play this game with asuras which is full of pain, punishment, loss of vigor & vitality and suffering. 

And the game continues, just like for a prisoner in earthly jail, until he begins to speak and acknowledge truth in front of the whole court (whole world). Till then, he is punished, tortured and given pain by the higher beings called gruhas and even then, if he doesn't speak the truths, he is tortured to 3rd degree (3D), thru' diseases, loss of all what he has etc etc. 
Speaking of truth only occurs, when one is disciplined and practised of speaking it in routine. 
जो शत बार पाठ कर सोइ, छुटहि बंदि महासुख होइ।। 
(One who recites it hundred times, he is liberated and ultimate bliss occurs upon him)

Reciting hundred times implies to bring discipline and practice of speech and then, one is freed from this earth jail (as he achieves perfection on the light principles) than dark principles (नरक: sitting idle, in dark, without work, no kriya etc.). 

Ultimate bliss is lord, the manifested lord guru, their name, their mahima, their path, their memory and their shelter, which is the ultimate saViour and it rescues one from jail, from all pains and from all sufferings.