Dakshinayan begins; the time when the higher beings go into the sleep, the sun begin to illumine towards southern horizon. The same pattern, even today, is followed by most of the temples in the himalayan region; the temples get closed during the southern hemispherical journey of sun but because of the priest system and considering weather, the timings are extended to attract travellers from all over the world. But, dakshinayan is when the central axis of earth i.e. meru is illumined at the south end, hence the lowers centers of ones meru come to light which implies the light being casted upon muladhar to manipura- so it's the time to master the vices which arise lower plane of existence. 


Lower three centers implies the vices which are projected in the mind being in the three dimensional world viz. greed, guilt, desire, lust, just worldly fun & frolic, denial to love & knowledge, living in whims, hypocrisy, rejection of/by higher beings, denying to work upon the weakness, anger, aggression etc. Getting involved in all such vices simply means practicing to be an asur (Devil- door to evil), thence, what is practised in dakshinayan reflects in the uttarayan, so, the higher beings too give reciprocate accordingly. 


Practice love, so that the heart center continues to function and sky element pump up the energy to higher planes beyond 3D. Practice "not to poison yourself and no harm to anyone" rule. 

Involve yourself in good study(adhyayan); you can study Bhagwad Geeta Chapter-18. 

Follow the basic discipline and keep right behavior (as guided in the disciple's booklet).

Practice GBSS everyday, so that ether is developed. And that is a big protection from the southern energies. 

Perform kriya atleast once a day. 

*Create small sangha meet ups to contemplate over path.* 


This shall help create a great amount of energy to hail thru' dakshinayan in a yogic way. And, only a yogi qualifies for the benefits of the uttarayan but it comes at the end of dakshinayan. 


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