Today, I'm revealing few facts about ether and its functioning. As I'm writing this,  there are amazing thunders and lightening in the sky,  which represent the pure aquarian energy of electricity. 

The land that we live on is earth and we are earthers. Ether, the element (tattva) is what we call as prana and most of disciples has seen ether particles with their physical eyes, the white sparkling energy particles. We are all moving in the ether wearing this physical body and ether nourishes our etheric body which we call as spirit body or astral body. The gadgets, devices, mobiles-they all too function thru ether and they are connected thru a system called ethernet, which means the net created with ether. And, the wire thru which ether is flowed thru the device or gadget is called port, which means gate (portal). So,  that we means everything around us is functioning thru ether, prana-the diVine force. When people are sleeping in their consciousness, they are using *device (devil's vice)* for puffing up the ego with praise by sharing non-sense stuff, pictures or any emotional stuff which leads no one anywhere. Thence, they get more into deep sleep as they are using ether in a wrong fake way. So, they connect with fake people, cheats and land up into more sorrow and pain. Whereas if ether is used in a truthful way by sharing the truth, ether will flow thru them in its absolute sense and the true face of the world (facebook) shall be revealed unto them.  


Ether (eather, r brought at the end), is what we go into as we pass thru Death. Letter "D" is doorway, gate, portal thru which leave our physical matter body and enter eather, that's why it's called *"D-eath"*.


Ether particles is vibrating at a specific frequency and you too Vibrate at a specific frequency. It's just like if out a crowd, you scream someones name, the same person comes towards you. Because, the person is aware of your sound frequency (voice). Similarly, you can only connect with ether, when you resonate with ether with pure vibration. By practicing a satvic lifestyle, by right speech & action and by sharing truth to the world as its getting revealed unto you. Word action says *act-ion: act like energy particle*. Using ether for unnecessary chatter, gossip, bad mouthing, useless hearing of audios and videos, sharing politics or any stuff which keeps the human consciousness a part of slavery or demonic system, will keep you asleep too. *As you sow, so shall you reap.*


Participate with your thoughts, understanding and queries. Do write what practice would you pick up from this.