Vvishal SriPaul answers :
To reach the truth self, to create self worth for yourself, to accept people as they are; every knowledge has to be dropped that you have gathered from the world. All your conditionings has to be dropped. With the knowledge you have accumulated, you identify yourself with an image and you identify others as ones different & separate from you in terms of education, society, gender, religions, social status, ethnicity, habits etc. But, you must realize the very fact that each one of us is born in the nature as natural as a small cub born in the jungle of savannah or a fish born in the Arabian sea. There's no difference between you and any one other creation on this planet. It's only your gathered knowledge which gives you the sense of I-ness and you become detached from the rest of the humanity and entire creation.   

Majority of your problems arise out of your own experiences which you create through your limited vision given by the knowledge of the world around. The moment you find a problem in your routine, never rush analysing the problem but look at it inside for your relation to the problem or the challenge. The way you relate to the problem helps you overcome it than just analyzing and going in circles and circles. Analysing has a key property to create overthinking which brings stress and anxiety. Cut the chords of the problems which you subscribe just by thinking multiple times and then you get attached to it. 

#only the knowledge of truth holds the power to liberate you. Any knowledge bringing attachment or separation, is a mere falsity. 

This is what your knowledge has done to you; It has make you attached with everything that you know and it brings no freedom. It has never given you a new vision to look at yourself and the rest of the world. You gather knowledge about one mishappening in your country and you begin to perceive the whole country like that or the whole of one gender or religion like that. Knowledge practiced becomes conditioning and it fixes a permanent impression which is a part of your fixed imagination. You stick to your words, behavior and your perception of the world. This is the way you create a fixed imagery for the people around you, And, you go to any extent to prove your conditioned words, behaviors or concepts; which creates no room for your freedom but you get more attached to that limited knowledge space inside, juggling with the similar set of stagnant knowings. 

Drop off you knowings and shed off your knowledge which gives you a frame to look at people and the rest of world in a way. It's your world, you share the same sun, planet, moon, stars and the elements which this world than just sharing a small few square yard proportionate house being shared with a small set of people you call family. The animal kingdom is more liberated than the humans for they gather no knowledge of separation from the nature but we invented to stay away from nature. Be a part of the nature without allowing even the iota of thought to separate you from any creation of this world, for you're an Individual- the one who can not be divided.