MahaSatsanga conducted an experiment under the diVine guidance of V. As master says- "the experiments leads to new experiences". So was this experiment which brought in greater experience and realization. 

The experiment was conducted for 18 days and today, on 19th day it was concluding and the results were revealing. The experiment was conducted on 3 glasses filled with water and a fist of rice was added in each glass. The glasses were number 1, 2 and 3. The results were astonishing. Although, all the three glasses showcased a similar activity on the first 5 days but after that everything began to change. There was no activity seen on the glass no. 3 after 5th day and after 11th day, there was no activity observed on glass no.2 too. But, even at the end of 18th day, glass no. 1 showed full activity. 

Here are the results on 19th day:
Glass no. 1: fermentation ongoing with a fruity smell
Glass no. 2: no fermentation with bad smell
Glass no. 3: no fermentation with highly foul smell

So, what happened to glass no. 2 & 3, when they were kept in the similar environment, same water and same quality of rice? Why the activity was dead in the both the glasses and they started to smell bad?

Here is the answer: 
Glass no. 3 was totally ignored and was not at all interacted. Glass no. 2 was daily said- you are stupid, you are idiot whereas Glass no. 1 was daily bowed and thank you was said to it everyday. 

The words spoken has a great impact on the objects and beings. The bad words uttered from the mouth kill the essence of life as it did for glass no. 2, whereas the respectful, grateful & loveful words allow the life force to sustain. This also must be noticed that water is the most important element which allows sustenance of life on earth as well in a being. So, water has to be treated with utmost respect and one must bow & be grateful to water before drinking as water is the elixir of life which comes from celestial springs. Also, one must watch his words as speech is highly important. If foul words are spoken, they not only spoil the object or beings around but also badly affect the water inside the body as our body constitutes 70% of water and all vital fluids too has water as it's base. Other thing which one must notice and be aware of is- the words which are respectful, loveful and gratitude, these allow the life force to sustain and flourish. Hence, speaking right/righteous is important, life sustaining and flourishing.

So, what's your take on it? Do share your inputs and understanding. Also, share it further to bring more awareness. 

PS: Experiment Conducted by: Monika Singla, Volunteering at MahaSatsanga.