Understand #AuRa as the world mistakes the energy field with AuRa... Beings can have energy field but only divine has the AuRa💐

V speaks about AuRa: 
Many today talk about aura and it's variety of colors because it sounds alluring to an ordinary mind. But, as a matter of fact, nobody knows about aura and not even the very word "aura". 

Aura comes from two entities joining together- Au & Ra. It's the golden light rotated from within, just like the light of the sun, sol and the inner swan. Au means gold and no wonder, even in the periodic table in science, the symbol for gold is Au and Ra represents the rotated light as in Ram. 

Point which all must think is what else can be an aura other than golden light but yet the so called spiritual world go crazy accepting every idea of aura. And, the golden light can only be reflected when the inner swan rises, the source of all light shines within. Everything else before this is merely a belief and a story to an ignorant mind.

V- love💐