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On a thundering, stormy evening of August 1985, a baby boy was born on the land of 5 rivers - Punjab in Bharat. Little did the family and the people know then about the spiritual renaissance that he would grow up to write on the face of this planet in golden letters. Vishal - they named him. 

As a child, Vishal was quiet, observant, tender, shy and yet always the center of attraction of his family, friends, teachers, school seniors and anyone arround him. His exceptional intelligence often surprised people around him, and he started teaching students at the age of seven itself. While on one hand his academic achievements made him shine through college and competitive exams, on the other hand his ability to empathise and connect with people made him the go-to person in all his circles.
But he never showed any spiritual inclination, nor did he know anything about its existence. He was in fact a highly aspirational young boy, doing well in job, wanting to set up his own enterprise, brand loving guy!

Fast forward to the year 2014 - Vishal still had never had any spiritual encounter, until one night, the night of 13 June, 2014. Stressed and spine-broken by the various....

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